Six key points of intelligent lighting design for KTV private room


In entertainment places, KTV lighting never stays on the basic lighting. KTV is mainly about the environment and style, so we must pay attention to the design. KTV's daily business hours should be 12 consecutive, or even longer, so the performance of KTV smart lighting equipment is the first test, and the stage lighting equipment is independently developed to ensure the quality and performance of the lighting equipment.

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Let's take a look at the six key points of KTV private room lighting design:

1. KTV lighting should be able to reflect the fashion style

In modern entertainment venues, the decoration design of ktv lighting does not only stop at the basic function of lighting, but also pays more attention to the creation of the environment and the shaping of the style. Through the application of new lighting elements and the strengthening of lighting parts, the overall production is either quiet or warm. , or luxurious, or elegant and other effects.

2. KTV lamps are selected for durability

KTV lamps should be durable. KTV usually needs to keep operating continuously, and private rooms need more than ten hours. Therefore, KTV lamps need to be in working condition for a long time, which puts forward high requirements on the performance of lamps. In addition to choosing high-quality lamps, it is also necessary to check the lamps to avoid problems during business hours.

3. The adoption of KTV lamps

Many people will use crystal lamps in home decoration, which is gorgeous. From the perspective of decorative appearance, KTV owners prefer crystal lamps, thinking that taxes are synonymous with magnificence and style, but they have not noticed the limitations of space, especially the boxes use crystal lamps, and the height of the ceiling from the ground is not large. Health care is stressful.

4. KTV design adopts environmentally friendly lighting

Many KTV lighting designs use some more energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED fiber optic lighting.

This kind of lighting can create fantastic crystal starry sky, majestic waterfall curtain, smart and transparent three-dimensional mirror painting, various lighting effects such as chandeliers and halo outlines.

5. Lighting design of ktv private room

The area of ​​luxury private rooms is relatively large, and its lighting configuration is more reasonable, so we can sometimes consider partitioning when designing lighting. It can be set according to the functional requirements of different areas, and it should match the decoration style.

6. Contrast of KTV lights

More attention should be paid to the lighting design of alternative areas, such as the lighting design of the bathroom area.


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