The Best Moving LED Lights for Concerts


Moving LED lights have become more popular than traditional lighting fixtures in concerts and other live events. They have revolutionized the way concerts are performed, provide excellent lighting, and add flair to the performances. They’re easy to move, create stunning visual effects, and deliver an unforgettable live event experience. But, how do you know which moving LED lights are the best for concerts? In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the best moving LED lights for concerts.

Why Use Moving LED Lights for Concerts?

Moving LED lights offer a level of versatility that traditional lighting fixtures cannot match. They can move and change color as the music changes, can light up different parts of the stage at different times, and have a variety of different effects that can be controlled by a technician. LED lights are energy-efficient, durable, and have a longer lifespan than traditional lamps. They’re also environmentally friendly as they don’t contain hazardous chemicals like mercury. Moving LED lights also require less maintenance, which is crucial in a live event setting where time is of the essence.

Things to Consider When Choosing LED Lights for Concerts

Brightness – Brightness in lighting is measured in lumens. Choose LED lights with high lumens output as they’ll illuminate the stage to a level that suits the performance.

Color Temperature – Choose LED lights with an appropriate color temperature that enhances the performers’ features, skin tones, and costumes colors. The range is usually between 2700k to 6500k.

Size – LED moving lights come in different sizes. Consider the space available to mount or position the fixtures, or if there are transport logistics requirements.

Coverage – LED moving lights’ coverage is determined by the beam angle and the spread angle. A narrow beam angle of 5-25 degrees is mainly used for concert lighting, theatrical productions, and film productions, while a wide-angle of 40-120 degrees is suitable for public events and large stages.

Durability – Consider the durability, ruggedness, and waterproof rating when choosing LED lights for outdoor events.

The Top Five Best Moving LED Lights for Concerts

1. ADJ Focus Spot Three Z

The ADJ Focus Spot Three Z is one of the best moving LED lights in the market for concerts. It provides a high-quality light output, with an impressive motorized zoom function, and has smooth color mixing capabilities that can create thousands of different shades. The fixture features a 200W Cool White LED engine with motorized zoom, a 3 facet rotating prism, a gobo wheel with replaceable, rotating, and indexable gobos, and an independent frost filter.

The ADJ Focus Spot Three Z is suitable for concerts, corporate events, theatrical productions, and stage performances. Its compact size makes it easy to set up and transport. Its quiet operation makes it suitable for use during live performances without disturbing the audience or performers.

2. Chauvet Rogue R1 Beam

The Chauvet Rogue R1 Beam is another top-of-the-line moving LED light that delivers great results in concerts. It features an intense beam of light, a full spectrum of colors, and an impressive variety of effects options. It has a 140-watt LED engine with a powerful output of 680000 lux at 15 meters.

The fixture’s features include a 3-facet prism, two gobo wheels, and an impressive zoom range of 5-36 degrees. It’s IP20 rated, making it suitable for indoor use, and its compact size makes it easy to transport.

3. Martin Rush MH 10

The Martin Rush MH 10 is one of the most versatile moving LED lights on the market. It combines excellent projection, sharp beams, and a fantastic zoom range of 5-40 degrees. The fixture features a 280-watt LED engine, a color wheel with 14 colors, and an independent rotating gobo wheel with seven gobos plus open.

The Martin Rush MH 10 has a variety of control options, including DMX, stand-alone, or automatic pattern mode, making it suitable for concerts, theater, and stage productions. The fixture's robust construction makes it ideal for rugged outdoor use, and its compact size makes it easy to transport.

4. Elation Platinum FLX

The Elation Platinum FLX is a versatile and powerful moving LED light suitable for use in concerts, theater, and live events. It features a 470-watt LED engine, a high-speed zoom range of 7-50 degrees, and two gobo wheels - one rotating and the other static.

The fixture’s features also include a full CMY color mixing system, a color wheel with 14 colors, a 3-facet prism, and an electronic strobe with variable speed. The Platinum FLX’s robust build, waterproof rating, and IP20 rating, make it suitable for rugged outdoor use, and its compact size makes it easy to transport.

5. Robe Spiider

The Robe Spiider is a moving LED light fixture that’s perfect for ultra-modern concerts, theater, and stage productions. It features a 60 watt RGBW LED engine with an impressive zoom range of 4-48 degrees. The fixture has a unique design that combines a beam light and a wash light, which means users can experience changeable beam angles and special effects.

The fixture’s features also include two rotating gobo wheels, a color wheel, a prism, and electronic dimming and strobe. The Spiider's compact size, IP20 rating, and robust build make it ideal for outdoor use, and its energy-efficient capabilities are perfect for big-budget productions.


In conclusion, having the right moving LED lights is crucial to the success of any live event, and choosing the best ones for concerts requires careful consideration of various factors. LED lights offer excellent features such as varied colors, brightness, and energy efficiency, and the ADJ Focus Spot Three Z, Chauvet Rogue R1 Beam, Martin Rush MH 10, Elation Platinum FLX, and Robe Spiider are the best moving LED lights in the market. These fixtures are suitable for concerts, theatrical productions, corporate events, and stage performances and come in different sizes with variable features like impressive zoom ranges, moving gobos, and IP20 ratings suitable for rugged outdoor use. With these options, the possibilities of creating an unforgettable live event experience are limitless.


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