Stage lighting design Moving head lights show gorgeous scenes


In modern performances, the use of stage lighting design to render the atmosphere of stage art, highlight the concept of music expression, integrate dance beauty and lighting, so as to increase the visibility of the program and improve the artistic effect of the program, has an irreplaceable role. Nowadays, there are many kinds of effect lamps. In addition to traditional tube lights, beam lights, return lights, follow-up lights, and spotlights, effect lights also include computer scanning lights, color-changing lights, moving head lights, aerial roses, laser lights, and so on.

Moving head lights are usually used in places such as stages and squares. Professional moving head computer lights are high-tech products integrating electronics, machinery and optics. They are stable and reliable, excellent in light efficiency, accurate in positioning, and good in heat dissipation. Ergonomic requirements and other characteristics.

In the bar lighting design, the moving head light is more of a soft and intellectual art, which can be reminisced in the soft and slow dance. Through the matching of different colors and patterns, a soft and beautiful scene is formed, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Back in the 1920s, the role of light was not well understood. At that time, people thought that lighting was nothing more than illuminating the stage so that the audience could see clearly. Later, some stage artists explored the stage lighting and tried to integrate the lighting with the stage plot, which opened the stage. The prelude to the development of lighting technology

The stage lights have developed from one or two lights to one or two rows or even more rows.

Thus, the control system related to lighting appeared. It has undergone early changes such as one control lever, multiple control lever centralized control, segment control equipment, etc., but these equipment are still very complicated in the process of manual operation, and cannot guarantee the best state of art. In the late 1980s, with the development of computer technology, it became more and more common to use computers to store lighting information to replace a large number of complicated manual operations.

Entering this century, with the rapid development of digital technology, the field of professional bar lighting design has gradually entered the era of comprehensive digitalization. At present, most of the professional lighting equipment used in large-scale outdoor performances in China adopts digital control. Digital technology has brought a profound revolution to stage lighting.

Connecting the lighting control system with digital technology makes the lighting control more intelligent, which adds a lot to the performance stage.


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