The Top Accessories You Need for Your Stage Par Lights


The Top Accessories You Need for Your Stage Par Lights


Stage lighting plays a vital role in creating a captivating and immersive experience for any performance or event. Whether it's a concert, theatrical production, or a live show, stage Par lights are widely popular due to their versatility and dynamic lighting effects. However, to truly enhance your stage lighting setup, it is essential to invest in top-quality accessories that complement your Par lights. In this article, we will explore the top accessories you need to take your stage lighting to the next level.

1. Sturdy Lighting Stands for Secure Placement

To ensure optimal visibility and coverage, it is crucial to invest in sturdy lighting stands. Lightweight yet durable, these stands provide a stable platform for your Par lights, allowing you to position them at varying heights and angles. Look for stands that come with adjustable height options, easy setup mechanisms, and robust locking systems to securely hold your lights in place during performances. Sturdy lighting stands not only ensure the safety of your gear but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your stage setup.

2. Versatile Lighting Trusses to Create Unique Configurations

Lighting trusses are indispensable accessories for stage lighting professionals. Available in various lengths and designs, trusses enable you to create fascinating lighting configurations by suspending multiple Par lights at different heights and angles. Whether you want to build a simple straight line of lights or a complex overhead truss system, these versatile accessories provide tremendous flexibility in designing captivating lighting displays. Additionally, lighting trusses are typically made from lightweight aluminum and are easy to assemble, making them an excellent option for touring productions as well.

3. Beam Angle Adjusters for Precise Light Control

Once you have positioned your Par lights on stands or trusses, the next step is to fine-tune their beam angle to achieve the desired lighting effects. Beam angle adjusters are exceptional accessories that allow you to precisely control the spread and focus of your Par lights. By attaching these adjusters to the front of your fixtures, you can narrow or widen the beam dispersion, ensuring optimal coverage of the stage area. This feature is particularly useful when you need to highlight specific performers or areas during a performance.

4. Color Filters for Vibrant Lighting Palettes

Adding color filters to your Par lights is an excellent way to diversify your stage lighting palette. Color filters, also known as gels, can completely transform the mood and atmosphere by altering the color output of your fixtures. With a vast range of colors available, from warm ambers to intense blues, color filters offer endless creative possibilities. Additionally, many color filters also provide diffusion properties that soften the light and create a more even glow, adding depth to your lighting design. Experimenting with different color combinations can have a significant impact on the overall ambience of your performance.

5. Wireless DMX Transmitters for Effortless Control

Traditionally, stage lighting control was achieved using physical cables that connected the lighting console to each fixture. However, with advancements in technology, wireless DMX transmitters have emerged as a game-changer in the industry. These accessories eliminate the need for extensive cable runs and allow for effortless control of your Par lights. By transmitting DMX signals wirelessly, you can easily regulate the lighting parameters from the comfort of your console. This functionality not only enhances convenience but also enables seamless synchronization of multiple fixtures, leading to a more polished and coordinated lighting display.


To enhance the performance and versatility of your stage Par lights, investing in top-quality accessories is a must. Sturdy lighting stands, versatile trusses, beam angle adjusters, color filters, and wireless DMX transmitters all contribute to creating captivating lighting displays. These accessories not only amplify the aesthetics of your stage setup but also provide you with increased control and flexibility over your lighting design. Elevate your stage lighting game by adding these essential accessories to your Par lights and witness an extraordinary impact on the visual experience of your performances.


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