What should be paid attention to in lighting design elements in KTV decoration


Bars, discotheques, KTV, slow shake bars and other places are all entertainment places provided for the continuous efforts in society to release and relieve the pressure of catharsis. In this colorful space, people get rid of their camouflage; under the spotlight, people get rid of their fatigue; in the world of singing and dancing, they forget their short-term troubles with the rhythm of music.

Lighting plays an important role in the night scene.

For example, in places with dim lighting and cool tones, guests will feel more depressed. On the contrary, in places with brighter lights and warm tones, people's excitement will increase. To a certain extent, the lights are gradually dimmed, allowing people to enter a psychedelic state and reach a state of excitement. So what should be paid attention to in KTV lighting design elements?

1. The style should match

The decoration design of KTV lighting, because it is a place for entertainment and leisure, should not be just a simple lighting effect, but should pay more attention to the creation of the environment atmosphere and the shaping of the overall style.

Through the application of new elements of lighting and the strengthening of local lighting, the overall effect can be changed to be quiet, warm, luxurious, or elegant.

2. Lamp selection

KTV lighting design is a problem that cannot be ignored. Whether the lighting has an aesthetic feeling is one of the keys to the success of the design. KTV lighting should not use a large number of fluorescent lamps as much as possible, which will shorten the service life of fluorescent lamps. It is best to use more incandescent bulbs (tungsten filament bulbs) or non-flashing fluorescent bulbs with electronic starters.

And the lighting should be classified, such as main lighting, spotlights, colored lights to set off the atmosphere, etc.

3. Durability

The durability of lamps is also very important, because KTV needs to maintain continuous operation for a long time, and private rooms may need to be used for more than ten hours. Therefore, KTV has very high requirements for the use of lamps in the working state.

In addition to choosing high-quality lamps and lanterns, regular inspections of lamps and lanterns should be carried out to avoid problems during business hours.

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