Yellow River Lighting's new F200W beam moving head light shines brightly


What are smart lights? What is the difference between the new 200w beam light?

Before answering this question, let's take a look at the current market situation. First of all, the lighting engineer is a real scarce resource in the market. There are more and more places in the market that need to apply stage lighting effects, which can be said to be explosive growth, such as: KTV, bars, disco bars, clear bars and other leisure and entertainment places.

In recent years, as entertainment venues such as DJ-style KTV, small bars, clear bars, barbecue bars, and music restaurants have become more and more popular, more and more entertainment clubs have also proposed more lighting effects, lighting control systems, and venue lighting engineers. high demands. Would you believe me if I told you that our Sunny Smart Lighting can bring you extraordinary stunning effects without a lighting engineer?

Sunshine Intelligent Lighting's spring new product F200W beam moving head light meets your individual needs. This product uses the latest composite LED module light source; 120mm large-diameter light-emitting mirror anti-fog and dust-proof design; white light color temperature up to 9000k; color rendering up to 90 %; light source life>25000 hours, spot uniformity>80%; horizontal 5400, 3600 adjustable, vertical 1900 adjustable; equipped with a light source reset system, which can automatically reset after misoperation, and has horizontal and vertical fine automatic error correction functions; PC fire-resistant and high-temperature-resistant materials; additional industrial-grade silent heat dissipation System, intelligent monitoring and automatic temperature adjustment; 6+12 double-layer honeycomb prisms, 9 color wheels + 12 patterns to choose from; 0-100% linear dimming; 0-25 ultra-high-speed strobe function per second. Sunny Smart Lighting can bring you extraordinary stunning effects without a lighting engineer.

Yellow River Lighting is an enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales, specializing in the production of embedded stage lighting products. The company's products are widely used in various industries such as stages, bars, and banquet halls. Based on the principle of leading technology, quality first, and customer first, the company provides satisfactory services for the majority of users.


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