Yellow River LightingF200W beam moving head light defines the operation mode of ktv private room


In 2022, due to the staged development of the epidemic and the impact of the market economic environment, great changes have taken place in the relationship between supply and demand, resulting in increasingly fierce internal competition in various industries, and the impact on the ktv entertainment equipment industry is particularly obvious, and the involution of the industry is becoming more and more serious. From the perspective of the life cycle of industry development, involution is inevitable, and it is also a driving factor for industry change.

The operation mode of the ktv entertainment industry, from the initial single moving head light in the private room to the sound and light linkage (the light is linked with the music melody) to the addition of projectors, LED light strips, LED displays and many other product applications, until now everyone has Inquiry into how it works. Similarly, due to the limitations of the development of the ktv equipment industry, initially ktv private rooms used low-power beam lights, such as 30w and 60w beam lights, and the highest one was 90w beam lights.

In the past, high-power beam lights were only used in large bars and live stages.

But this year, with the successful research and development of Meiyang F200W beam moving head light and its application in ktv and private rooms of bars, this pattern has changed. After using 200w high-power beam light, the overall display effect of the private room is very dazzling. Not only is it highly praised by customers, but even colleagues are full of praise. As a result, the industry has become obsessed with high-power beam lights. Especially in the past six months, with the increasing attention to high-power lighting, the concept of high-power, large beam, and large dyeing lighting has become the development trend of ktv private rooms, and various lighting manufacturers have launched high-power beam lighting projects one after another.

Yellow River Lighting launched the new F200W beam moving head light, which adopts the latest composite LED module light source, 120mm large aperture light emitting lens, white light color temperature up to 9000K, and color rendering up to 90%. The life of the light source exceeds 25,000 hours, and the light spot is uniform. It is a beam moving head light comparable to professional high-power stage lighting.

Equipped with a high-power three-phase motor drive system, it can freely switch between horizontal 360° and 540°, and vertical 190° scanning easily.

The photoelectric reset system is adopted, and it can be automatically retrieved and reset when an occasional misoperation occurs. Running speed is fast, smooth without jitter, low noise, with horizontal and vertical fine automatic error correction function.

F200W is made of PC fire-resistant and high-temperature-resistant material, with a newly designed industrial-grade silent cooling system, intelligent monitoring and automatic temperature adjustment, which can minimize the noise while ensuring the normal operation of the product.

Built-in a 6+12 double-layer honeycomb prism, the light spot is uniform under the prism effect, equipped with a colorful effect disc, the beam effect is more colorful. It can realize 0-100% linear dimming, with 12 kinds of exquisite patterns, 9 kinds of color plates, with 0-25 times of ultra-high-speed strobe function per second, and the connection of lamps adopts standard DMX512 communication protocol, which is easy to set up and easy to operate. The appearance design is fashionable and elegant, the workmanship is exquisite, and the performance is excellent.

It is suitable for scenes such as bars, clear bars, party-style private rooms, KTV, and stage performances.

Such a powerful F200W beam light will surely lead the new trend of the industry again.


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