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Looking for LED stage lighting but don't know where to go? Come to Yellow River Lighting! Founded in 2016, the company's main development direction is moving head light system, beam light system and auxiliary light system. It is a stage lighting manufacturer with cool design, bold design creativity and eclectic lighting system. Here, the concept of design and creation is not limited, and shaping the classic moving head lights is always the goal of development. And the company has an excellent after-sales service experience, which can solve all the worries of customers, so that you don't have any worries!

In the development process in recent years, more attention has been paid to the design and use of the entertainment field, and the products are widely used in KTV, bars, stages and other places.

The company keeps innovating technology, creating classic products, quality assurance, and the development principle of customer service first, which can create a full range of high-quality services for users who choose Yellow River Lighting. Relying on shaping classics, emphasizing the concept of service development, and creating a good corporate image, the innovative development model brings strong competitive strength to the company.

Do you want your stage lighting system to attract people's attention and become the dazzling focus? Choose Yellow River Lighting, here are all kinds of classic styles you want, innovative design concepts, breaking the traditional lighting design system, let your lights spin up! Be the focal point of that difference! Cool lights, innovative design system, bring you a different experience and effects! Why choose Yellow River Lighting? Design ideas beyond the development of the industry, professional design level, let you have a new experience, no matter where you can make the light classic, create cool lighting effects, a variety of styles for you to choose, here is what you want Everything you want!

The design team of Yellow River Lighting has a high-level design and creation team, which is more professional in product design. At the same time, it is equipped with professional marketing service personnel and a warm and thoughtful after-sales service team to bring customers a satisfactory experience and create a five-star product service experience. As the focus of after-sales, the team has after-sales services all over the country, and is capable of solving various problems for customers! There are countless agency points across the country, which can bring timely technical guidance to customers. The Sunshine team will provide you with high-quality after-sales service, so that customers can use it with peace of mind and happiness!

With product innovation and professional design that breaks through the tradition, and after-sales service that allows you to worry-free, Yellow River Lighting has become a leading design company in the industry! Yellow River Lighting invites you to feel the charm of light together! Choose Yellow River Lighting for peace of mind! Let your moving head lights use completely out of the traditional, dazzling eye-catching! Yellow River Lighting designs products with heart, creates classics, and makes your LED stage lights unique!


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