Yellow River Lighting ingeniously creates professional stage lighting equipment-200W beam light


With the rapid development of science and technology, especially the extensive and effective application of electronic and optical technology, stage lighting has already moved from the early traditional lighting to the era of intelligent lighting for the rendering of atmosphere and the creation of artistic conception. The world-renowned stage artist Mr. Svoboda from the Czech Republic once predicted: "The development of stage art in the future will be a brand-new era of light and shadow." Yellow River Lighting creates professional stage lighting equipment with ingenuity.

New Product Launch: 200W Beam Light

Product description: 200W beam light is a small volume, compact beam light with high light efficiency, high integration and high speed. It combines high-quality materials and high-tech designs at home and abroad, and adopts the authoritative PC fireproof and high temperature resistant shell material; the rated power of the constant current circuit board is 240W, and the power supply voltage is AC220V/50-60HZ, with super accurate positioning and strong enough resistance Interference ability; special optical lens, high-intensity concentrating effect; equipped with a 200W LED light source lamp bead; a color wheel: white light + 9 colors; a gorgeous pattern wheel: white light + 12 patterns + dynamic effect pattern ;Independent honeycomb prism, X-axis 360 degrees (optional 540 degrees) Y-axis 180 degrees running angle, combined with the pattern function, can realize multiple beam effect switching; multiple control modes: voice control, self-propelled, master-slave, DMX; Four-digit digital display tube + four-button control panel; 0-100% linear dimming; intelligent temperature control system, monitoring and automatic temperature adjustment; convenient and fast.

Yellow River Lighting intelligent lighting, to create professional stage lighting equipment, with rich and high-quality hardware facilities and production technology, to implement global quality standards and strict quality control system, so that the performance and quality of beam lights are consistent, unique charm, eternal endless.

Yellow River Lighting is always with you, two-year warranty, replacement after sale. Your choice and your satisfaction are our best motivation.


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