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In the new era and new development, we are undergoing rapid changes every day, and our life is inseparable from the lighting of lights. With the continuous improvement of our quality of life, people use smart lights more widely.

Since its establishment, Yellow River Lighting has been proactive and innovative. With its good corporate reputation, unique management style, strong market development ability, and rapid and steady development pace, it has won unanimous praise from industry peers and end users. The company focuses on R&D and production of stage lighting series products, which are widely used in KTV, stage, bar, TV station and other industries.

In order to better serve users and centralize management, Yellow River Lighting has established a strong professional R&D team, constantly polishing products and innovative research, constantly pursuing innovation, absorbing and transforming the essence of the industry, and achieving leading technology. At the same time, it has the ultimate requirement for quality. Following the service principles of leading technology, quality first, and customer first, it has won the praise of the majority of users, and the corporate reputation has also been continuously improved.

Yellow River Lighting's products currently have three lighting series: auxiliary lights, laser lights, and moving head lights, providing customers with new lighting effects. The lamp beads used in the whole series of products are all imported LED light sources, which have high brightness but low energy consumption, and the light output is very high. The light effect presented is also soft and uniform, and there will be no glare or discomfort. Feeling, and the service life of the light source has reached the design time of 50,000 hours, realizing energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting, keeping up with the main theme of the times and the pace of industry development.

Since the Yellow River Lighting series products are intelligent stage lights, they will definitely have irreplaceable advantages over ordinary stage lights. Whether it is the strip light series or the laser light and moving head light series products, there are a variety of lighting effect options to meet the requirements for stage lighting effects in various usage scenarios. At the same time, in order to facilitate the actual use of users, the installation is embedded in the space effect, and the elegant shape design breaks the traditional installation method, changing the hanging type to embedded, and the base of the lamp can be perfectly connected with the access board. All the wiring can be hidden inside the access, which not only makes the installation less cumbersome but also more secure and comfortable, simple and beautiful.

And it only takes four simple steps to install the lamp at a very fast speed. The product is small and convenient, and more practical. Yellow River Lighting stage lighting products have various modes such as self-propelled, voice-activated, DMX, etc., and are also specially equipped with an intelligent operation mode of master and slave. atmosphere and rendering power. Lighting is also a different kind of music. Yellow River Lighting stage lighting maximizes the lighting effect, adds points to the stage effect, increases the unique atmosphere of KTV, adds more joyful atmosphere to various types of parties, and creates more A good environmental scene makes people go deep into it and enjoy the joy.

It is not only suitable for stages, KTV, parties, but also for home theaters, bars, dance halls, opera houses and other places. Whether it is an entertainment place or a formal place, as long as there is a need for lighting, the stage lighting products of Yellow River Lighting can meet the needs of users. Demand, to provide customers with more and better lighting effects, making people nostalgic and more attractive.

In the future, Yellow River Lighting will continue to bring better visual experience of smart lighting to every user.


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