Yellow River Lighting's new professional stage lighting equipment debuts with 240 watts "Galvatian"


The wise ancients knew how to use torches, candles and other lighting fixtures to express the scene of bonfire parties at night or in the dark. At this time, people basically have the concept of actively applying stage lighting changes. Stage lighting has developed into a big era environment where stage lighting design can be flexibly manipulated. How will Yellow River Lighting intelligent stage lighting advance bravely in the fiercely competitive stage lighting industry and then enter the national market? Details determine success or failure, and every detail that is not in place will affect the overall effect of the lamp.

Learn about the details of Yellow River Lighting's smart lighting, and watch the spring new product debut "Galvatron".

Spring new product launch: 240W 12 focusing wash lights

Product Brief: 240W Focusing Washing Light is a LED Focusing Washing Light with high performance, high integration, long life, high effect and high brightness. It combines high-quality materials and high-tech design at home and abroad; it adopts authoritative PC fireproof and high temperature resistant shell materials; constant current circuit board and AC110-220V/50-60Hz power supply voltage, with super accurate positioning and strong anti-interference ability , dimming without flickering and jittering phenomenon; the running angle of the X axis is 360 degrees (optional 540 degrees), the Y axis is 180 degrees and the Z axis can be stretched by 2.5 cm; the intelligent temperature control system monitors and automatically adjusts the temperature to solve the long and short distance of the stage. question.

The color rendering index is greater than 90, and the effect of fullness, uniformity and high brightness is the first choice of lighting engineers.

Power Systems:

The total power of the light source: 240W, it can also be used normally under the environment of power fluctuation (±50W).

Voltage/frequency: The self-developed AC110-220V/50-60Hz power supply voltage can meet the requirements of different countries and frequencies around the world.

Power supply quality: high-tech constant current power supply board is adopted, and all components are selected from first-class brands at home and abroad; AC exclusive voltage supply mode, stable output voltage, long working life, and strong anti-interference ability.

Ground wire setting: According to the international ground wire wiring standard, it can better improve safety and stability.

Control System:

Control protocol: international standard DMX512 control protocol and input signal isolation protection function.

Control mode: divided into self-propelled mode, voice control mode, master-slave mode, DMX mode.

Control panel: four-digit digital display tube + 4 buttons.

Intelligent control: intelligent temperature control system, monitor and automatically adjust the temperature.

Optical system:

Light source brand: high-quality, high-brightness LED light source, light source life of over 20,000 hours; good temperature and chemical corrosion resistance, high technology, light source output rate and bulb life get the best guarantee effect, pure from Yellow River Lighting Made intelligently.

Electronic focusing: ultra-smooth linear adjustment, unique optical path structure makes the beam and dyeing more powerful.

Yellow River Lighting intelligent lighting, to create professional LED stage lighting equipment, with rich and high-quality hardware facilities and production technology, to implement global quality standards and strict quality control system, so that the performance and quality of "Galvatron" are consistent, Unique charm, never-ending.

Yellow River Lighting is always with you, two-year warranty, replacement after sale. Your choice and your satisfaction are our best motivation.


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