Yellow River Lighting takes you to understand the stage lighting control method


With the development of science and technology, all kinds of stage lights produced, under the control of computers, can be controlled according to the needs of the plot, and the brightness and darkness of the lights can be adjusted at any time, showing various light colors on the stage. The performance of the actors expresses emotions. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the method of stage lighting control, so that we can know how to operate it.

1. The brightness of stage lighting

We control the brightness of stage lights, also known as mechanical addition and subtraction, by controlling the number of lighting fixtures to reduce the total luminous intensity. The specific operation method is to change the projection of light through light blocking or iris coverage.

In addition, there is a computer control method, using different dimming equipment to change the working voltage of the light, so as to adjust the brightness of the light.

2. Stage control system

This is a professional stage lighting equipment, which includes multiple buttons such as control components, signal source indication information receiving unit, etc. Through the stage background screen control system, the corresponding signal source can be adjusted and switched at will, which is possible for The light on the stage is controlled by light and shade, and the principle is to issue corresponding instructions through signal transmission. Its advantage is to realize fully automatic control according to the needs of actors.

For example, the laser light control software uses various animation laser light control software installed on the computer to output analog signals to the laser light to control the color of the laser light and the scanning of the galvanometer. Through the laser software, you can output various texts, animation beams and other effects in real time.

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