The importance of stage lighting design


Stage lighting is an important part of the performance space. It is based on the development of the plot to carry out a comprehensive visual environment lighting design for the characters and specific scenes required, and purposefully reproduce the design intention to the audience in a visual way. artistic creation. The spatial modeling of characters and plots should be considered comprehensively and systematically, strictly follow the modeling rules, and use modeling methods well. Stage lighting design has very mysterious knowledge. The role of stage lighting in modern stage performances includes the following aspects: ① Lighting performances, so that the audience can see the actors' performances and scenery images clearly ② Guide the audience's sight ③ Shape the characters, express emotions and show stage illusions The space environment ⑤ renders the atmosphere in the play ⑥ shows the transition of time and space, highlights the contradictions and conflicts of the play and strengthens the rhythm of the stage, enriching the artistic appeal.

Sometimes with stage stunts. In modern performances, the intensity, color, distribution of lighting areas, and movement of lights all have greater plasticity and controllability. The artistic effect of stage lighting is displayed with the progress of the performance and the continuous change of the stage atmosphere.

Stage lighting is a combination of space art and time art. The historical development of stage lighting is closely related to the evolution of drama and the progress of science and technology. The control system of stage lighting must be able to effectively control and adjust all lamps and produce harmonious artistic effects. It consists of three parts: power distribution board, dimmer and main console.

At present, the lighting design of many stages is mainly based on the script, the director's requirements and the overall conception of the stage art for artistic conception, drawing of lighting design drawings, and specific arrangements for technical manifestation work. Lighting design should be able to use a variety of modeling methods to adapt to different styles of performances. For example, some performances require a realistic style, while others require the creation of abstract, freehand or metaphorical artistic conceptions. With the advancement of science, the stage lighting design in many performing arts halls is very charming.

When doing stage lighting design, it is also necessary to choose some lighting equipment reasonably, which is the focus of successful design.

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