E-sports venues with our moving head light, par light and studio light

The E-sports industry has been developing vigorously. In recent years, E-sports venues is more and more popular in China.Beijing supports the development of high-tech audio-visual and game E-sports enterprises from supporting the landing , providing financial services and so on.

We just finish a project of E-sports venues in Beijing with our 380W moving head beam, wash &spot, 54pcs*3W Led par light and 200W studio light.

With the light of Yellow River, citizens experienced the passion and charm of the E-sports center. It is particularly important to plan the overall space framework of e-sports venues. Combined with different regional divisions, in addition to the basic hall, private rooms, booths, you can also set up separate rest areas, e-sports rooms, etc., more diversified to meet the needs of various customers. And LED light play an important part in the venues. Firstly, it is the 380W moving head beam , wash &spot. It is with Osram lamp, the brightness is 370000lux , for 10 meters. Beam angle is 2.3-50 degree, pan movement 2.85s, tilt movement 1.35s. The lights make the scene more ambitious.

Application Of moving head lights/par lights/studio lights in E-sports venues

E-sports venues often require a variety of lighting equipment to create an immersive and dynamic atmosphere for both live audiences and online viewers. By incorporating moving head lights, par lights, and studio lights into the design and operation of e-sports venues, organizers can elevate the visual presentation, engage the audience, and deliver captivating experiences for both in-person attendees and online spectators. Here's how moving head lights, par lights, and studio lights can be utilized in e-sports venues:

1. Moving Head Lights: Moving head lights are versatile fixtures that offer a wide range of motion and effects. In e-sports venues, they can be used to create impactful lighting displays during player introductions, highlight key moments in the games, and enhance the overall visual experience. Their ability to produce various colors, patterns, and movements adds excitement and energy to the venue.

2. Par Lights: Par lights are known for their powerful and broad washes of light, making them ideal for illuminating large areas or creating ambient lighting effects. In e-sports venues, par lights can be strategically positioned to provide general illumination across the playing area, audience seating, and event space. They can also be used to enhance the venue's branding by projecting logos or colors associated with the e-sports teams or sponsors.

3. Studio Lights: Studio lights are essential for providing balanced and consistent lighting for live streaming, video production, and photography within the e-sports venue. These lights are designed to deliver high-quality illumination with adjustable intensity and color temperature, ensuring that players, hosts, and guests are well-lit and visually appealing on camera. Additionally, studio lights contribute to creating a professional broadcast environment for online viewers.

4. Integrated Light Control Systems: To maximize the impact of these lighting fixtures, e-sports venues often utilize integrated light control systems. These systems allow operators to synchronize and program the lighting effects, adjust brightness levels, and create dynamic lighting sequences that complement the e-sports events and competitions.

It has to be mentioned that the reason why the venue was so gorgeous is also the professional color wheels and gobo wheels of the Yellow River. Their combination with the light created the tone of the venue that makes it feel special. Due to its 13 different kinds of color and semi-color effect, the E-sports venues looks gorgeous. What is more, it is with 2 fixed gobo wheels and one rotated gobo wheel. The first fixed gobo wheel is with 9 gobos+white+shaking effect. The second fixed gobo wheel is with 10 gobos+4 different sizes beam hole+shaking effect. The rotated gobo has 6 gobos+water glass endless rotation+white. It also has two prisms, 8 facet prism and 16 facet prism.

In Summary

In the design of the E-sports venue, the use of lighting occupies a very important position in the whole exhibition hall space. Good lighting design can play the role of finishing touch in the venue space. In the venue, lighting is not only a medium to convey light and warmth, but also to set off the theme and create atmosphere of the venue. The venue space uses multiple attributes such as color, brightness and temperature of light to "communicate" with visitors. Thus enhancing the appeal and appeal of the interior space. Regarding the par light, we use our 3*54pcs LED par light, it is RGBW single color. The wall can be stained with different colors through the light source. We also use our YR-ST200W, the LED power of this model is 200W, beam angle 60°, warm white,with LED Display,temperature and Intelligent fan control. Yellow River has a scientific and rational exhibition hall lighting design for the venue, producing a rich decorative effect, which can bring a positive impact on the audience's psychology. So that it can successfully attract customers' eyes.

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