Best Yellow River Lighting Show in 2022

After more than 6 months of design, discussion, and preparation, the 2022 Yellow River Lighting Exhibition Hall was completed in May this year. The lighting show is inspired by the development process of China's contemporary industry and the innovation process of the Yellow River Lighting Enterprise, with the theme of "The Light of the Yellow River", and is divided into four chapters: the beginning of the Yellow River, the first sight of the Yellow River, the setting sail of the Yellow River, and the light of the Yellow River. Each chapter is closely linked with the fate of Yellow River Lighting, reflecting the continuous growth process of Yellow River Lighting from the beginning of its establishment, and also reflects that China's industrial development is in the process of quantitative change to qualitative change. The whole exhibition hall has selected more than 460 pieces of stage lights of different types, as well as the rhythmic music that combines China and the West. Lighting and music complement each other and work together, which perfectly interprets the design style of line and arc and the design concept of the Chinese circle. A wonderful light show was on display. Welcome every partner and friend to visit!









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    Yellow River Lighting designs a lighting show every year, which is our tradition, but this year's lighting show is different. The theme of the 2022 Yellow River Lighting Show is "The light of the Yellow River", and this year's theme is related to the development history of China's industry. From the exploration in the early stage of China's industrial development to the research and development of China's technological core, from "Made in China" to "Wisdom in China", and now leading the national trend, this development process reflects the innovation of China's industry, and also reflects that contemporary industry and domestic technology are gradually liked and recognized by everyone.

    The Yellow River Lighting Show takes "The Light of the Yellow River" as its theme and is mainly divided into four chapters:

    Chapter one: The beginning of the Yellow River. All stage lights are arranged, just waiting for the first sound of the music. As soon as the music is heard, the sleeping lights will gradually wake up, ready to move, echoing each other, just like the early days of the Yellow River Lighting, facing thousands of competitors, still neither humble nor arrogant, ready to go!

    Chapter two: The lights in the exhibition hall are sometimes soft, sometimes strong, and unpredictable. Accompanied by music, the lighting is chasing in the exhibition hall, not to be outdone, just like as soon as the Yellow River Lighting appeared, the whole company exudes light and amazes everyone.

    Chapter three: The setting sail of Yellow River. The 460 stage lights in the exhibition hall are in full bloom with their various expressions and splendor, making the whole exhibition hall radiant and dazzling! Everything is so harmonious, yet so spectacular!

    Chapter four: The Light of the Yellow River. The lighting uses its power to tell us that life is full of hope. The vision of Yellow River Lighting is to add brilliance to your stage and icing on the cake for your life!

    The core of the design of this year's Yellow River Lighting Show is to use light and the layered fusion in the circular structure to create a contrast between straight and curved, between light and dark, and between light and shadow, so that a simple circle creates a layered space and brings a difference space atmosphere. We welcome everyone to visit the Yellow River Lighting Show and give guidance and suggestions to make the Yellow River Light Show better and better!

    The success of the Yellow River Lighting Show is inseparable from everyone's trust and support for the Yellow River Lighting. I hope that the Yellow River Lighting can accompany you all the time and make your stage more excellent and your life better!

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