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We aim to provide the highest quality stage lighting.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
YR-BP0406Q 24W Battery powered led par
Battery powered led par with 6pcs 4W LED lamp or 6pcs 6W LED lamp, RGBW 4IN1 or RGBWAUV 6IN1 which can creat very uniform color effect, the beam angel is 25degree, 3.5 hours for full charge, 4 hours runtime for full color on,12 hours runtime for single color on.USB Connector supports wireless control.With compact design, it's very convenient to install under truss and any corner. And this item is noiseless, suitable for any small meeting room,church,BBQ and so on. 
YR-380B 380W Moving head beam
The brightness of 380W moving head beam is 460000lux@10m, its beam angle is 1.4 degree,It has two color wheels, first Color wheel with 13 colors + white(with half-color effect), second color wheel is 1pcs 6-color wheel, multi-color effect with prism, which can create rainbow effect.Regarding the prism, it has 1 two layers prism and 1 16-facet prism.And it has 10 fixed gobo+white+1 animation gobo . It is widely used in touring concert,  big event, national pageant and so on because of its super and powerful beam.
380W moving head beam use in Bar / DJ
 Do you know what kind of stage lights should be used in Bar / DJ project? Our 380W moving head beam lights are suitable to use for bar/DJ projects. We used this beam in many different projects and got much recognition from regular and new customers!
Best TV station studio Factory- Yellow River Lighting
Our stage lights are popular in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, Russia., etc., more than 60 countries and regions. Our 380W moving head beam lights apply to thread, stadium, TV station studio, concert, and so on.If you have interest in moving head lights, please kindly contact us.
Best Quality Yellow River 285W LED Moving Head Wash +Beam with Zoom YR-M1519Q Factory
YR-M1519Q  LED moving wash+beam with zoom(8-50degree) . The power source is equipemnt with 19PCS 15W Osram QUAD led. YR-M1519Q is 5500-6000lux @5m. It has low noise and efficient FAN cooling system ,built-in programs with macro effects. Bi-directional continuous front lens rotation allow the fixture creat more dynamic effects.Yellow River Best Quality Yellow river 285W LED Moving head wash +beam with zoom YR-M1519Q Factory,Our goods are popular in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, Russia.,etc., more than 60 countries and regions.
Moving head lights and led par light used in school project
Are you looking for some stable and reliable stage lights which can be used in school projects? Many customers keep buying yellow river moving head beam and led par! Do you have the interest to try? Welcome to contact me ~ 
Yellow River Lighting YR-P1005H 5x10W (RGBWAUV 6in1) MINI LED PAR
This is our MINI LED PAR with 5 pieces 10-watt RGBWAUV 6in1 lamps. It has our newest design and it supports IR control function. The fan is intelligently controlled by the temperature, which means that when the housing temperature become higher, the fan will run more quickly.  Its body is mini but it shows high brightness.  With compact body design, it's very easy to be installed under truss or at any corner. And it's suitable for being used in small parties.
Professional Customer purchased outdoor lights for Labor Day’s performance
We are not only professional in indoor lights including moving head beam, hybrid moving head, led par, led wall washer, led moving head, and so on, but also outdoor waterproof lights including IP55 moving head beam, IP65 LED par, led strobe, and so on,  our outdoor moving head beam and led par widely used in big parks, the bridges on the rivers, coast,  Yellow River Lighting Professional Customer purchased outdoor lights for Labor Day’s performance, customers felt satisfied with our outdoor products and have confidence in the performance.
Yellow river 100W RGB LED Light manufacturers From China YR-COB100T
YR-COB100T with  1pcs 100 W RGB 3IN1 COB LED. It is with high brightness, with perfect color mix, compact size ,high luminous, low noise and competitive price. Optional barndoors available to provide different lens angle, which make the product suitable for many application.Yellow River Customized Yellow river 100W RGB LED Light manufacturers From China,Is a stage lighting enterprise which gathers research, production, marketing and after-sales as intergral whole.
Yellow River Lighting YR-1191G 54x3W RGBW Waterproof LED Outdoor Par Light
This is our Waterproof LED Outdoor Par Light with 54 pieces 3-watt lamps, including 12pcs red lamps, 14pcs green lamps, 14pcs blue lamps, and 14pcs white lamps. It has high brightness and good heat dissipation function. The IP rate of it is IP65. It can create fantastic effect, which can meet almost all of your outdoor activity demands. 
Yellow River Lighting YR-P1018H 10w*18pcs RGBWA+UV (6 in1) Slim Par
This is our LED Slim Par Light with 18 pieces 10-watt RGBWAUV 6in1 lamps. It weighs 2.8kg only. The body is made by Aluminium. This LED Slim Par Light is made with 6 in 1 led lamps (R/G/B/W/Amber/UV), which can show more abundant colors. Therefore, it can meet the demands of your events where you need pure UV or amber. And it can also provide full colors through mixing function. Slim design will make it easy to be transported and installed. Daisy chain connection will help you quickly turn them on.
E-sports venues with our moving head light, par light and studio light
Yellow River lighting was established in 1999, focusing on stage lighting for 22 years. We are a very professional and reliable stage lighting manufacturer in China. We have the yellow river brand, YAGESI brand, YAGELAI brand, we also can do OEM, ODM if you need them.
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