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Best 80W LED Moving head beam Factory Price - Yellow River
The most attractive point of the 80W led moving head beam is the brightness, although the power is 80W, its brightness can reach 72000 lux@5 meters, it is with long lifespan LED source and not to be very hot while working.It has two color wheels, 1 color wheel includes: 11pcs colors + CTO+ 1pc CTB + White which can create semi-color effect, bi-direction flow effect. 1 pcs 6-color wheel which can create a rainbow effect with prism.For the gobo wheels, it has 9 gobos + 2 different size beam holes+ White open +Yellow River Best 80W LED Moving head beam Factory Price - Yellow River,More then fifty kinds of goods have been granted“CE”certification.gobo shake + bi-direction flow effect. The prism is 1 pcs 8 facet prism plus 1pcs 16 facet prism. The beam angle is 0.85 degrees, pan movement is 1.8s, tilt movement is 0.9s, widely used in KTV rooms, bars, ballrooms, or some small events.
YR-M4007Q 280W Moving Head Beam and Wash
For market demand we released thisLED Zoom Moving head with the latest technology. Zoom angle:9°-44°,the pixel LED control and overall LED control present more pattens to meet the customer application. Especially the smooth motor was used , it can rotate fast with no noise. sharpy beam shooted out from the ultra led 40W(7 QUAD) bring the audience stunning feeling that never experienced from other mini beams. High efficiency cooling system and Intelligent speed control fan enables the unit working safely. and environmentally friendly. we see it a new increasing point in the bar, club and disco market. 
Professional Yellow River Lighting Participated In The 2021 GET Show
Yellow River Lighting did with sufficient preparation in 2021 GET Show, including the booth design, the products on display, the sales staff, etc., We also brought a very special technology - cloud monitoring technology. We believe that the epidemic will pass soon, and the lighting industry will usher in new glory!
The application of 380W moving head beam
This is a banquet scene from our customer. By using our 380W beam light, the whole scene is very gorgeous and magnificent. The banquet achieved great success and the guests were impressed with the banquet.
Yellow River Lighting's moving head lights were used in Norway's event. with good price
Yellow river moving head beam and led par light always be welcomed in domestic and foreign clients because of our good quality and service. Here is one project  the Moving head lights were used in Norway's event!
Regular Italian customers' speaks highly of our good job
They are our Italian customers who have cooperated with us for many years. During the cooperation, we paid high attention to materials quality, assembly, packaging before products leaving the factory. They are satisfied with our strict control of products and keep buying for many years.
YR-COB200Z LED Moving head wash
We used Citizen brand LED 200W with a life span of 20000H  and CCT:5600KThis item supports RDM, its Color wheel including 4 colors (R,G,B,Y) + white, semi-color effect +bi-direction flow effect.Its beam angle is 14-60 degrees.And Pan movement 540°/2.1 seconds, tilt movement 270° /1.1 seconds
Best 380W moving head beam in TV Station  - Yellow River
Yellow River Best OUR 380W moving head beam in TV Station Factory Price - Yellow River,Top ten Brand enterprises of Stage lighting in China, national intellectual property standard enterprise, Guangdong Province contract abiding enterprise, China Quality credit AAA+ enterprise, etc.
Best Yellow River Led Panel Strobe Light YR-W616WW
This light can be led panel meeting room light 0.5Wx616pcs when you add acrylic frost cover, and it is one popular led strobe if you use glass cover, all leds can be controlled separately in 4 different areas, it is with 110°beam angle and 9/7/2CH(switchable). it could support DMX.If you have interest in meeting room light,you could try it,if you want strong led strobe, this is your wise choice.Yellow River Best Yellow river led panel strobe light YR-W616WW Supplier,Our goods are popular in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, Russia.,etc., more then 60 countries and regions.
It is 8pcs *3W mini bar light with RGB 3 in 1 led , we also can do another version with rainbow color effect by using this same case. It is very compact ,only 42cm long and it is not heavy,only 0.75kg. The beam angle for this one is 110 degree reflector.We also can do 3W 9pcs RGB single color, cool white color and UV color.By the way, it can be connected one by one to meet your requests on length.
LED Moving Head Spot YR-S150
The brightness of the 150W led moving head spotlight is 10000lux@5m.It has 7 colors+ white + sem i- color effect + bi- direction effect, 1 Rotation Gobo Wheel, which has 6 rotation gobo + white + shake + bi - direction, 1 1pc animation wheel with 3 animation gobos.Regarding the prism, it has a Special illusion of 6 facets and 4 facet prism, clockwise + counterclockwise rotation (6 facets linear prism optional). Furthermore, it is also with RDM control, 2 cooling fans(base and head fan).
Best TV station studio Factory- Yellow River Lighting
Our stage lights are popular in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, Russia., etc., more than 60 countries and regions. Our 380W moving head beam lights apply to thread, stadium, TV station studio, concert, and so on.If you have interest in moving head lights, please kindly contact us.
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