200w led moving head

You’re in the right place for 200w led moving head.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on Yellow River.we guarantee that it’s here on Yellow River.
This product has the desired safety and security. Not only the housing is made of high insulation materials, but also the metals electric parts are professionally encapsulated to prevent any leakage. .
We aim to provide the highest quality 200w led moving head.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
YR-COB200Z LED Moving head wash
We used Citizen brand LED 200W with a life span of 20000H  and CCT:5600KThis item supports RDM, its Color wheel including 4 colors (R,G,B,Y) + white, semi-color effect +bi-direction flow effect.Its beam angle is 14-60 degrees.And Pan movement 540°/2.1 seconds, tilt movement 270° /1.1 seconds
Best 17R Waterproof Moving Head( WASH +SPOT +BEAM 3IN1)  - Yellow River
350W high power waterproof moving head light, with high-performance waterproof technology. Low consumption and high brightness, energy efficiency and long life span, combine beam, spot, and wash into one, which makes it win the market of the outdoor professional stage.It has 14 colors+white,semi-color effect, electronic positioning. For the gobo, 14 gobos wheels+white, and 9 rotation gobo.The prism is 1pcs 16- facet prism & 1pcs 6 linear prismThe beam angle is 3.8-45 degrees, pan movement 540 degrees, tilt 270 degrees.It also has high efficient cooling system and intelligent speed control fan, which can make the lifespan of the bulb longer.
40W*7 PCS RGBW 4 IN 1 Moving head beam + wash/COB 100W RGB 3 IN 1
We are always strict in aging testing, there are 5 times testing before leaving factory! For the par light, it takes 4 hours each time for final testing before sending into warehouse, for the moving head light, it takes 8 hours each time. Function in each channel of the light is checked carefully , if there is something wrong, it will be forwarded to the technical department and fixed, then be tested again to ensure the problem is solved. We also have hang testing, side mounted testing, shaking test, interference testing, and brightness testing etc. If goods in warehouse beyond 2 months ,we will do testing again before shipment.
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Yellow River lighting established in 1999,focusing on stage lighting for 21 years. We have different customers from domestic and foreign countries, our regular customers supported us all the time and we have great cooperation.
Best New Par Light Are Hot Sale!!!
Best new par lights from Yellow River Lighting are hot sale now,  we are a stage lighting manufacturer which gathers research, production, marketing, and after-sales as an integral whole.Every month we will get many orders from different regular and new customers , especially our led par lights and moving head lights are welcomed by the foreign market, according to some new ideas from our clients, our R&D department will draw design paper and study on new goods every month,we also can easily make ideas of customers come into truth because we have a 3D printer which can print products easily and conveniently! Now you can see more details of  our popular new designed led par !
Intro to Monitoring Technique From Yellow River Lighting
Yellow River Customized Monitoring Technique manufacturers From China,We has seven offices in China and We have more than 2000 global brand agents and project contractors.Yellow River Intro to Monitoring Technique manufacturers From China Yellow River,In September 2006, we founded “U.K. YA GE LAI LIGHTING &AUDIO (HONG KONG) LIMITED” through cooperating with U.K. YA GE LAI international group and will be responsible for oversea marketing and development.Good news! To provide better after-sale service, we have a new advanced technology- Internet monitoring technique for our products.
Professional Yellow River 360W Led Wall Washer YR-W1036Q
Led ArcPad  wall washer is an indispensable light for many occasions,we have 10Wx36pcs(RGBW 4IN 1 ) Led ArcPad  wall washer which may meet your need.Fan speed of this led wall washer can be  automatically adjusted according to machine temperature. The maximum noise is 43..3dB(1m distance). 25°/45°beam angle for optional and 11/6CH switchable.Many customers gave us a good feedback about our wall washer.What are you waiting for, come and communicate with us.Yellow River Professional Yellow river 360W led wall washer YR-W1036Q manufacturers,In September 2006, we founded “U.K. YA GE LAI LIGHTING &AUDIO (HONG KONG) LIMITED” through cooperating with U.K. YA GE LAI international group and will be responsible for oversea marketing and development.
This is our latest design for the par light in 2021, it has the following advantage:*aluminum shell +fine sand wear-resistant spray paint +round appearance and unique bottom shell design+ limit handle.*all-directional ventilating system, the mainboard, the light source is heated evenly.* Intelligent temperature adjustment, active heat dissipation,fan silent below 40 degrees, fan speed can be automatically adjusted according temperature above 40 degrees.* Maximum noise is 43.0dBA?from 1 meter away (close to ambient noise),you can choose to turn off fan and use silent mode without any noise , but power will reduce according to temperature to keep led lamp safe when temperature above 80 degree.*linear dimming using sinusoidal smooth subdivision technology.* We can produce different type of this led par by changing quantities of led lamp and power at the same time keeping same case design
Professional Customer purchased outdoor lights for Labor Day’s performance
We are not only professional in indoor lights including moving head beam, hybrid moving head, led par, led wall washer, led moving head, and so on, but also outdoor waterproof lights including IP55 moving head beam, IP65 LED par, led strobe, and so on,  our outdoor moving head beam and led par widely used in big parks, the bridges on the rivers, coast,  Yellow River Lighting Professional Customer purchased outdoor lights for Labor Day’s performance, customers felt satisfied with our outdoor products and have confidence in the performance.
China Yellow river 60W mini led bar YR-L0320S manufacturers
YR-L0320S Silm LED BAR with 20*3W 4 in 1 color. It is led bar without fan, especially apply to noise pollution demanding places, such as buildings, hospitals, office space, and so on. They can be assemble one by one to creat effect what you want, this design enable the light to be very stable and  can ensure long life span as well as convenient installation. Moreover, it is very portable and cost effective.
China Yellow River Lighting in Qianshan TV Station manufacturers - Yellow River
Yellow River Lighting factory, top 10 brands in China, one of projects in Qianshan TV Station got praise from customers  - Yellow River manufacturers,  reliable supplier in China! More than fifty kinds of goods have been granted“CE” "RoHS" certification.
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We have a big team like family.The senior management team is mostly composed of 6-21 years of senior industry personnel. We are working in a preferred environment and enjoy working in yellow river very much! At present, the company has three R & D centers and three brands: Yellow River Lighting, Yagelai and Yagesi; We has seven offices in China and We have more than 2000 global brand agents and project contractors.
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