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Yang Longfu: Let technology and art be integrated, bring the lights to life.
On August 15, 2022, Huicong Audio and Lighting network interviewed Yang Longfu of Yellow River Lighting: Let technology and art be integrated, bring the lights to life. Yang Longfu said: "I still believe that lighting should combine technology and art, use technology to create more intelligent, more humanized products, so as to sublimate the stage, which is the direction we have been pursuing."
Guangdong Provincial Stage Art Research Association visited the Yellow River lighting technology exchange meeting
At the end of June, leaders and experts of Guangdong Provincial Stage Art Research Association visited Guangdong Yaglai Lighting and Sound Co., LTD.Liu Wenhao, vice President of China Stage Art Association, Liang Xiqing, president of Guangdong Stage Art Research Association, Huang Haizhong, Lin Peiqun and Li Yan, executive vice presidents and many other famous experts in the industry attended the technical exchange meeting.
Best Yellow River Lighting Show in 2022
After more than 6 months of design, discussion, and preparation, the 2022 Yellow River Lighting Exhibition Hall was completed in May this year. The lighting show is inspired by the development process of China's contemporary industry and the innovation process of the Yellow River Lighting Enterprise, with the theme of "The Light of the Yellow River", and is divided into four chapters: the beginning of the Yellow River, the first sight of the Yellow River, the setting sail of the Yellow River, and the light of the Yellow River. Each chapter is closely linked with the fate of Yellow River Lighting, reflecting the continuous growth process of Yellow River Lighting from the beginning of its establishment, and also reflects that China's industrial development is in the process of quantitative change to qualitative change. The whole exhibition hall has selected more than 460 pieces of stage lights of different types, as well as the rhythmic music that combines China and the West. Lighting and music complement each other and work together, which perfectly interprets the design style of line and arc and the design concept of the Chinese circle. A wonderful light show was on display. Welcome every partner and friend to visit!
Yellow River Lighting participated in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
On June 15, 2022 ,14:00-16:30,Yellow River Lighting participated in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition,it was held online,the organizer is Aladdin.This online lighting exhibition was successfully held. We fully demonstrated the strength of the company, successfully promoted the products, and enhanced the exchanges between the industries.
Yellow River Lighting committed to giving you higher quality products and better service
The Yellow River Lighting team is conscientious and determined to serve every new and old customer,constantly improve our professional quality and level, and strive to provide customers with the best solutions to meet customers' various needs.  We focus on the improvement of customer experience and service quality, if you have any questions about our website and products, please leave a message and contact us.Moving head beam light,Led moving head light,COB 100W light, COB 200W profile all are hotsale and under strict testing!Thanks for the continuous orders from new and old customers, we will continue to provide you with excellent products and efficient service!  
Yellow River Reading Salon once again launched activities | Yellow River Lighting
In order to encourage employees to read more and improve their own quality, the Yellow River Reading Salon held a reading salon activity on the afternoon of June 16, 2022 。Reward members who perform well, and encourage everyone to continue reading and improve their cultural literacy.
The 5th Member Representative Meeting of the 3rd Council  Jiangxi Chamber  Commerce of Guangdong Province /Yellow River
The special Committee of Performing Arts Equipment of Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong province is to provide a communication platform for the entrepreneurs of performing arts equipment industry in Guangdong Province. Yellow River Light takes an active part in the conference every year and actively responds to the call of the committee.Yellow River lighting has been established for decades, and has been unremittingly producing high-quality  lighting, bringing vitality to the stage. In the production process to uphold the concept of high quality, to win  trust and support of customer.
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