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Custom stage lamps company Manufacturer | Yellow River

Bearing excellent electromagnetic compatibility, it will not cause any electromagnetic interference to its surroundings or will it be influenced by other electronic applications.

This is our 3W*54pcs RGBW Single Color Slim Par. It belongs to our slim design and Daisy chain design. And it weighs 2.8kg only. With 26*26*11.5CM  housing size, we make this led par light slimmer, which will save your shipping fee and make it easy to be installed. A lot of customers like the compact design of it. It is leading the led family with a new concept: small size with great power!

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I want to decorate the house into a simple European style. my living room is rectangular. I haven't finished the ceiling yet. I bought a square crystal lamp. I don't know how to get the stage lamps ceiling. Make a two-level. The top of the light belt is made of carpentry, Wood keel and gypsum board. Bedroom of light don't have to too bright strong as long as comfort. Quiet and elegant, with emotional appeal, with different colors of red, green and yellow, let the bedroom form several different lighting areas. The study requires directional and bright lights on the countertop, and the PRODUCTS lamp with incandescent bulbs is more suitable. The living room floor is only 2.6m, and the chandelier is OK. under normal circumstances, the stage lamps lamp at the bottom of the chandelier is 2.2-3.0 M from the ground.It is more suitable. in this case, most families will use ceiling lamps to decorate rationally. However, in order to meet personal preferences, the chandelier is 1.8-2.0M apart under special circumstances.The semiconductor material of Yellow River is made of a crystalline material with impurities which is an essential material used in the making of LEDs.

Product Parameters

An LED PAR light is a type of stage lighting that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce light. These lights are typically used for special effects or for lighting onstage performers. PAR stands for parabolic aluminized reflector, which is a type of reflector commonly used in stage lighting.

LED PAR can lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits over traditional incandescent lights. LEDs are much more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, meaning they use less power and generate less heat. They also have a longer lifespan, lasting up to 50,000 hours or more. And because they don't contain any glass or fragile parts, they're very durable and resistant to breakage. PAR can lights are available in a variety of colors, including white, blue, green, red, and amber. Many LED PAR can lights also offer color-changing capabilities, allowing you to create different looks and effects for your event or performance.

The 3W*54pcs RGBW single color stage LED par light is designed to elevate your stage or event with vibrant and dynamic colors. With a total of 54 high-quality LEDs, including RGBW single-color options, this par light delivers impressive brightness and a wide range of color possibilities. Create captivating lighting scenes, washes, or spotlights with ease. Featuring advanced control options, including DMX, sound-activated, and automatic modes, you have full flexibility in adjusting the intensity, color mixing, and lighting effects. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to install and transport, making it ideal for touring events or permanent installations. Whether you're a lighting professional, DJ, or live performer, the 3W*54pcs RGBW Single Color Stage LED Par Light is an essential tool to create captivating atmospheres and bring your stage to life. Elevate your lighting game and leave a lasting impression on your audience with this exceptional par light.

ElectricalVoltage110V ~ 240V
Power consumption180W
Light sourceLED3W*54pcs
Color RGBW single color
Working modeDMX5125/9 switchable
Manual control
Sound Active
Optical systemBeam Angle30 °
Dimmer0~100% line dimmer
PhysicalMachine size26*26*11.5CM(excluding bracket)
Machine weight2.8kg
Environment & safetyStockdry and clean place
Running temp.-10°C~45°C

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Advantage of RGBW Single Color Stage Par Light

1. Versatile Color Options: RGBW LED Par Lights can produce a wide range of colors by combining red, green, blue, and white LEDs. This versatility allows you to create various lighting effects, color washes, and dynamic scenes to enhance the visual impact of your event or performance.

2. Precise Color Mixing: With individual control over each color channel (red, green, blue, and white), LED par RGBW provide precise control and seamless color blending. This allows you to achieve specific shades and hues with high accuracy, ensuring that the lighting matches your desired atmosphere.

3. Adjustable White Light: The inclusion of white LEDs in RGBW fixtures allows for the creation of pure white light. This feature is especially useful when you need neutral white lighting for general illumination purposes or to complement other lighting elements in your setup.

4. Control Options: RGBW LED Par Lights often offer various control options, including DMX control, wireless control, and built-in programs. These options allow for easy integration with lighting consoles, giving you precise control over color selection, intensity, and lighting effects. Some fixtures may also have sound-activated modes that sync the lighting to the beat of the music.

5. Compact and Lightweight Design: RGBW LED Par Lights are typically compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport, set up, and install in various venues or stage setups.

These advantages make LED par RGBW a popular choice for stage performances, concerts, events, architectural lighting, and other applications where dynamic and versatile lighting is required.



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1.How to make sure your quality?

We have very clear and strict testing procedures, and we also have advaced testing equipment. The most important thing is that we use all good quality materials and never tried low quality raw materials.

2.Can you do ODM ,OEM?

Yes ,sure.

3.Is it OK to print my logo on stage light product?

Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.


About Yellow River

Yellow River lighting -- focusing on stage lighting for 21 years, it is a national high-tech enterprise which provides integrated service of R&D, design, production, marketing and after sales service.Top ten Brand enterprises of Stage lighting in China, national intellectual property standard enterprise, Guangdong Province contract abiding enterprise, China Quality credit AAA+ enterprise, etc. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, occupational health and safety management system, environmental management system and other certifications.The products have passed the CE RoHS certification and obtained dozens of patents. More then fifty kinds of goods have been granted “CE” certification. Established in 1999, the staff in Yellow River always take the responsibility “Let the world dance” upon ourself.The senior management team is mostly composed of 6-21 years of senior industry personnel. At present, the company has three R & D centers and three brands: Yellow River Lighting, Yagelai and Yagesi. We have seven offices in China and We have more than 2000 global brand agents and project contractors; Is the preferred manufacturers for your culture and art center, tourism performance, multi-function hall, hotel banquet hall, auditorium, night tour, urban landscape lighting and other projects.

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