Quality led hybrid moving head for business | Yellow River

Quality led hybrid moving head for business | Yellow River

If you are wondering how Yellow River is made, it's not rocket science! Each diode is simply cut out from a crystal wafer that is layered over a silicon, sapphire, nitride or other material base. Similar to other semiconductor products, the process is straightforward and precise.

A moving head light, also known as a follow spot, is a powerful LED stage lighting. It is used to produce a narrow beam of intense light that can be directed at a specific target, such as a performer on stage. Moving head lights are often equipped with a zoom lens, which allows the beam to be focused and widened or narrowed as needed. The most common type of moving head light is the Sharpy light, which is named for its distinctively sharp and focused beam. Yellow river brand is top 10 lighting brand in China and we got many good reputation from different domestic and foreign customers these years! 

Products Details

Can the old-fashioned ceiling light be changed to an led hybrid moving head LED light? How can I sell LED Wick? It's all right. There are a lot of modified lamp boards and power supplies on the Internet, and they also carry magnets.Yes, Tengda electronics is available. Finally look at the development history of LED industry.As a sales, the final task is to sell products to customers, so as a sales must understand the LED Yellow River products, it is imperative to first understand the type and function of the LED products of your company, applicable environment, color temperature, power of LED, cooperation with constant current source, and advantages and disadvantages of LED itself, such as: light failure problem, constant current source problem, etc. The H7 installation you are talking about refers to the model. If you only install the light source, just replace the halogen lamp of the original car.Replace the LED headlight assembly, which is the whole modified headlight (integrated with Hybrid Moving Head LED daily lights, dual-light lenses and xenon lights), and replace the headlights of your original car directly.Yellow River is well constructed by utilizing state-of-the-art production equipment, including lithography machine, chip detector, pour film machine, etc.

Moving Head Light With ZOOM Sharpy Light 18R 380W 

This is our 380W LED moving head light with zoom and CMY, which can shoot long distance, this moving beam light is with a powerful CMY color mixing system, so it can create high-level performance, suitable for super-large and medium-sized occasions requiring color mixing effect. Such as conferences, annual meetings, the living theatre, concerts, TV stations,etc.                                                    

It has 12 color+ 2 CTO + 1 CTB + 1 CMY+ White open + semi-color effect. Regarding the gobo, it has two fixed gobo wheels and one rotation gobo wheel.
It also has 1pcs 8- facet prism & 1pcs 16 facet prism.
The beam angle is 2.3-50 degrees, pan movement 540 degrees, tilt 270 degrees.
It also has high efficient cooling system and intelligent speed control fan, which can make the lifespan of the bulb longer.

YR-380CMY Illumination Diagram:

Product Parameters:

LED moving head light, also known as a follow spot, is a powerful stage lighting instrument. It is used to highlight a performer or object on stage by following their movements. The moving head light has a beam of light that can be focused and directed using a set of mirrors. This allows the operator to keep the light on the target without having to constantly adjust the position of the fixture. Moving head lights are available in a variety of sizes and power levels to suit different needs. Some models even have a zoom feature that allows the operator to change the size of the beam.

ElectricalVoltage100V ~240V
Power consumption500W
Light SourceHalogen lamp18R, 380W
Lamp life span1500H
Control ModeDMX51226ch/23ch(switchable)
Optical System           Fixed Gobo Wheel 19 gobos+ white open + Shake + bi-direction flow effect;
Fixed Gobo Wheel 210 gobos+ 4 different size beam holes + Shake + bi-direction flow effect;
Rotation Gobo Wheel 6 gobos + water wave glass endless rotation+ white open + bi-direction flow  effect.
Color wheel12 color+ 2 CTO + 1 CTB + 1 CMY+ White open + semi-color effect;
Prism8 facet + 16 facet
Beam angle2.3° - 50 °
X/Y scanThree-phase motor, pan 540°,tilt:270°, photoelectric reset and correction
Display 1pc screen touch display + 4pc buttons, LCD color screen, can set the channel mode, horizontal vertical inversion, back screen, signal hint, switch in both Chinese and English, automatic screen off/lasting bright screen, display channel number,record light source time, boot time and fault inspection, scene setting, the software version information, restore factory Settings

Signal interface

3 pin 

Power interface1 in;1 out powercon
Safety protection the power will be cut off automatically  when the fixture is overheating or with system error
Machine W. Size23.45kg            409.9*323.9*670.5mm
Environment& saftyLevel of ProtectionIP20
StockClean and dry place
Running temp.-10°C~40°C

26 channel mode23channel mode
2Pan fine-tuning2Dimmer
4Tilt fine-tuning4C
5Pan and tilt speed5M
8Strobo8Effect Gobo
9C9Rotation gobo
10M10Gobo self rotate
11Y11Prism 1
12Color 112Prism 1 rotation
13Color 213Prism 2
14Color 314Prism 2 rotation
15Color 415amplification
17Effect Gobo17Frost
18Rotation Gobo 18Pan
19Gobo self -rotate19Pan fine-tuning
20Prism 120Tilt
21Prism 1 self -rotate21Tilt fine-tuning
22Prism222Pan and tilt speed
23Prism 2 self -rotate23reset



ItemDataUnit qtn.Accesssary for each
Packing Size W/Carton52*45.5*78.5 cm1pc1 power cable                                        1 signal cable                                     
1suspender                                              1 user manual
Packing Weight W/Carton27kg
Packing Size W/Fight Case/2pcs
Packing Weight W/Fight Case/

Light Effect:




Product Appearance And Size of 380W Moving Head Beam+Spot+Wash:




Yellow River Lighting Workshop:


1. Can you do ODM, OEM?

Yes, sure.

2. Is it OK to print my logo on stage light product?

Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

3. Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a factory.


1. In September 2006, we founded “U.K. YA GE LAI LIGHTING &AUDIO (HONG KONG) LIMITED” through cooperating with U.K. YA GE LAI international group and will be responsible for overseas marketing and development.
2. The products have passed the CE RoHS certification and obtained dozens of patents.
3. More than fifty kinds of goods have been granted“CE” certification.

4. Top ten Brand enterprises of Stage lighting in China, national intellectual property standard enterprise, Guangdong Province contract abiding enterprise, China Quality credit AAA+ enterprise, etc.


About Yellow River

Yellow River lighting -- focusing on stage lighting for 21 years, is a national high-tech enterprise that provides integrated service of R&D, design, production, marketing, and after-sales service. Top ten Brand enterprises of Stage lighting in China, national intellectual property standard enterprise, Guangdong Province contract abiding enterprise, China Quality credit AAA+ enterprise, etc. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, occupational health and safety management system, environmental management system, and other certifications. The products have passed the CE RoHS certification and obtained dozens of patents. More than fifty kinds of goods have been granted “CE” certification. Established in 1999, the staff in Yellow River always take the responsibility “Let the world dance” upon ourselves. The senior management team is mostly composed of 6-21 years of senior industry personnel. At present, the company has three R & D centers and three brands: Yellow River Lighting, Yagelai, and Yagesi. We have seven offices in China and We have more than 2000 global brand agents and project contractors; Are the preferred manufacturers for your culture and art center, tourism performance, multi-function hall, hotel banquet hall, auditorium, night tour, urban landscape lighting, and other projects.


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