Had you ever encountered such a situation: when you are looking for some best LED light bar to decorate an event, but do not know what to buy. Yellow River’ s best budget LED light bars are suitable for decorating different types of high-quality events. Now choose the best LED light bars for the money!

Yellow River has brightest LED light bar on the market, dedicated to producing the best colored light strips, high quality, very practical and durable, you don’t have to worry about quality issues. We pursue the best LED light bar manufacturing service, you can buy it with confidence.

It is 8pcs *3W mini bar light with RGB 3 in 1 led , we also can do another version with rainbow color effect by using this same case. It is very compact ,only 42cm long and it is not heavy,only 0.75kg. The beam angle for this one is 110 degree reflector.We also can do 3W 9pcs RGB single color, cool white color and UV color.By the way, it can be connected one by one to meet your requests on length.
China Yellow river 60W mini led bar YR-L0320S manufacturers
YR-L0320S Silm LED BAR with 20*3W 4 in 1 color. It is led bar without fan, especially apply to noise pollution demanding places, such as buildings, hospitals, office space, and so on. They can be assemble one by one to creat effect what you want, this design enable the light to be very stable and  can ensure long life span as well as convenient installation. Moreover, it is very portable and cost effective.