Hybrid Moving Head

The best hybrid moving head light is suitable for various occasions and has a wide range of uses. Some customers shared with us that they wanted to find some hybrid moving head lights with stable quality and good price. After using the following hybrid led moving head, they gave us a big smile. 

Yellow River is best hybrid moving head light wholesale. We are committed to producing the best quality led moving heads. For more detailed information about hybrid led moving head, welcome to check the Yellow River best hybrid moving head lights below and get the information immediately.

18R 380W BSW Moving Head Light with ZOOM and CMY Yellow River YR-380CMY
Yellow River 18R 380W BSW Moving head light WITH ZOOM AND CMY,Yellow River lighting established in 1999, focusing on stage lighting for 21 years. We focused in professional moving head beam for 22 years and most of  our workers are with much experience on lighting industry. Yellow river brand is top 10 lighting brand in China and we got many good reputation from different domestic and foreign customers these years! 
YR-380BSW 380W Hybrid Moving Head
This is our hot sale moving head light with 18R Osramp bulb. It has super powful beam , balance wash and  clear spot,suitable for professional stage.Besides,t has an advance and improved cool system which ensures perfect cool system, making the bulb longer life span.What's more, the unique stereoscopic design will give you a different experience.We believe it will excite any show  which is considered touring concert,  big event,national pageant.  

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