Industry-leading led moving head beam light supply | Yellow River

Industry-leading led moving head beam light supply | Yellow River

led laser moving head is manufactured based on superior lamp beads and constant-current driving technology. It has high luminous efficiency, good light intensity and low power consumption. Moreover, it is fast in response, easy in control and excellent in energy saving.

This is our hot sale 350W/371 W waterproof moving head beam, the IP grade is 55, with 350W /371W Lamp and high-performance waterproof technology. Low consumption and high brightness, energy efficiency, and long life span, combine beam, spot and wash into one, which makes it win the market of the outdoor professional stage.
It has 14 colors+white,semi-color effect, electronic positioning. For the gobo , 4 white holes+10 pcs gobo wheels+1 pcs effect gobo wheel with shaking effect. The prism is 1pcs 32- facet prism & 1pcs 6 linear prism+ 1 pcs bi-layer prism+ 1pcs 16- facet prism & 1pcs 6 linear prism
The beam angle is 4/8 degree, pan movement 540 degrees, tilt 270 degrees.
It also has high efficient cooling system and intelligent speed control fan, which can make the lifespan of the bulb longer.

Product Details

Moving head beam lights have a wide range of applications across various industries and events. Some common applications include:

Stage Performances: Moving head beam lights are extensively used in concerts, theater productions, dance performances, and other stage shows. They provide dynamic and versatile lighting effects, highlighting performers, creating atmosphere, and enhancing the visual impact of the performance.

Bars: Moving head beam lights are a staple in nightclubs and bars, where they create vibrant and energetic lighting displays. The powerful and focused beams can be used for spotlighting DJs or performers, illuminating the dance floor, and producing captivating light shows synchronized with the music.

Architectural Lighting: beam light moving head is employed in architectural lighting to accentuate the features of buildings, monuments, and landmarks. They can be used to highlight specific architectural details, create dramatic lighting effects on facades, or provide colorful illumination during special occasions or events.

Weddings and Special Events: Our moving head beam lights are increasingly popular for weddings and special events. They can be used to create romantic lighting environments during ceremonies, as well as dynamic and visually stunning displays during receptions, dances, and parties.

Theme Parks and Entertainment Centers: LED beam moving head lights play a crucial role in theme parks and entertainment centers, where they help create immersive environments and enhance attractions. They can be synchronized with other elements, such as rides, performances, or special effects, to provide a cohesive and engaging experience for visitors.

Outdoor Events: Moving head beam lights find applications in outdoor events and sports, such as stadium concerts, sports matches, and outdoor festivals. They provide powerful and long-range lighting solutions, ensuring visibility and creating energetic atmospheres for both performers and audiences.

350W 17R Outdoor moving head beam is a pure beam moving head light designed by YELLOW RIVER  for high-end customers. Its beam is very strong . Many different prisms can create prism king effect. The beam angle is 4°/8° switchable, with ultra high illumination, 10 meters illumination reaches 227000lux. Equipped with 14 color plate plus white light, Bi-direction rainbow effect. Bidirectional rotation can reach random color mode. This outdoor moving head beam is very suitable for large-scale performance, Music festival and exhibition and so on. We used this light in many different outdoor projects and its quality is very stable according to our regular and new customers.

Illumination diagram:

Product Appearance:


Product Features

  • Power: The fixture has a powerful 350W or 371W lamp that produces a bright and intense beam of light suitable for outdoor use.

  • Waterproof: This led beam moving head is specifically designed to be waterproof, protecting it from rain and other weather elements that might damage the fixture.

  • Beam Angle: The fixture offers a narrow beam angle, allowing for precise and focused lighting effects on specific areas or objects.

  • Movement: The Outdoor 17R 350W/371W Waterproof Moving Head BEAM can rotate 540 degrees horizontally and 270 degrees vertically, providing a wide range of movement options and allowing for dynamic lighting effects.

  • Control: It is compatible with DMX control systems, allowing for precise control of various lighting parameters such as color, intensity, and movement.

  • Color Mixing: The moving head sharpy light 350W offers a range of color mixing options, including 14 colors plus white, enabling designers to create a variety of different lighting effects.

  • Gobo: It comes with a range of gobos (patterns or designs that can be projected onto a surface), allowing for further customization of lighting effects.

If you re looking for moving head beam manufacturers, Yellow River is your best choice! We provide various quality moving head stage light for select!

Product Parameters:

ElectricalVoltage100V ~240V
Power consumption450W
Light SourceHalogen lamp17R, 350W/371W OPTIONAL
Control ModeDMX51216ch/20ch(switchable)
Optical System           Gobo wheel10gobo+ 4 white+1 effect gobo,with shaking effect
Color wheel14 colors+white
PrismPrism wheel1: 32 facet prism + 6 facet gradient prism+1 bi-layer prism
Prism wheel2: 16 facet prism + 6 facet gradient prism
Beam angle4°-8°
IP Lever IP55
Machine W. Size48*41*64CM
Environment& safetyLevel of ProtectionIP55
StockClean and dry place
Running temp.-10°C~40°C

2Strobe2Pan Fine
4Fixed Gobo4Tilt Fine
5Prism  wheel 15XY Speed
6Prism wheel rotate6Strobe
7Prism  wheel 27Dimmer
8Prism  wheel 2 rotate8Dimmer fine
9Effect plate9Color
10Zoom(amplify)10Fixed Gobo
11Focus11Prism  wheel 1
12Pan12Prism wheel rotate
13Tilt13Prism  wheel 2
14Pan/tilt speed14Prism  wheel 2 rotate
15lamp15Macro function
16reset16Effect plate





Light Effect:





1.How to make sure of your quality?
We have very clear and strict testing procedures, and we also have advanced testing equipment. The most important thing is that we use all good quality materials and never tried low-quality raw materials.
2.Can I pay T/T, Paypal, and Western Union?
Yes, of course.
3.Do you offer a guarantee for the products?
Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty on our products.


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Yellow River lighting -- focusing on stage lighting for 21 years, it is a national high-tech enterprise that provides integrated service of R&D, design, production, marketing, and after-sales service. Top ten Brand enterprises of Stage lighting in China, national intellectual property standard enterprise, Guangdong Province contract abiding enterprise, China Quality credit AAA+ enterprise, etc. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, occupational health and safety management system, environmental management system, and other certifications. The products have passed the CE RoHS certification and obtained dozens of patents. More than fifty kinds of goods have been granted “CE” certification. Established in 1999, the staff in Yellow River always take the responsibility “Let the world dance” upon ourselves. The senior management team is mostly composed of 6-21 years of senior industry personnel. At present, the company has three R & D centers and three brands: Yellow River Lighting, Yagelai, and Yagesi. We have seven offices in China and We have more than 2000 global brand agents and project contractors; Are the preferred manufacturers for your culture and art center, tourism performance, multi-function hall, hotel banquet hall, auditorium, night tour, urban landscape lighting, and other projects.


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