We have different types of moving head lights products, which can meet your different demands. Professional LED moving head lights including moving head beam, wash and spot, LED light, LED par, led strobe, COB spot which is suitable for various kinds of events. Our best moving head lights for sale, has got good feedbacks from regular and new customers.

Further more, our types of moving lights products can be customized according to the customers’ requirement, we have 3D printer, which can be used to print the sample fast.

In a word, our professional moving head lights products, such as outdoor moving lights, moving head spotlight, are widely used in stage, theater, cinema, opera, church, bar, outdoor and indoor events like concert, wedding party, TV program etc.

Yellow River Lighting YR-N18H 18pcs 6in1 LED Par Light
This is our latest design for the par light in 2021, and it enjoys favorable market feedback due to the following advantages:*aluminum shell +fine sand wear-resistant spray paint +round appearance and unique bottom shell design.*all-directional ventilating system, the mainboard, the light source is heated evenly.* Intelligent temperature control fan for active heat dissipation: silent below 40 degree, and fan starts working smoothly when above 40 degree. The fan can be turned off optionally with intelligent power reduction. * Maximum noise is 43.0dBA from 1 meter away (close to ambient noise), you can choose to turn off fan and use silent mode without any noise. Power will reduce according to temperature to keep led lamp safe when temperature above 80 degree.*linear dimming for smooth color switch.* We can produce different types of this led par by changing quantities of led lamp and power at the same time keeping same case design.This LED par light is attractive both in price and quality. It supports RDM protocol. Its color variety, high quality and good-looking appearance will surely help you win a market share. 
18R 380W BSW Moving Head Light with ZOOM and CMY Yellow River YR-380CMY
Yellow River 18R 380W BSW Moving head light WITH ZOOM AND CMY,Yellow River lighting established in 1999, focusing on stage lighting for 21 years. We focused in professional moving head beam for 22 years and most of  our workers are with much experience on lighting industry. Yellow river brand is top 10 lighting brand in China and we got many good reputation from different domestic and foreign customers these years! 
YR-380B 380W Moving head beam
The brightness of 380W moving head beam is 460000lux@10m, its beam angle is 1.4 degree,It has two color wheels, first Color wheel with 13 colors + white(with half-color effect), second color wheel is 1pcs 6-color wheel, multi-color effect with prism, which can create rainbow effect.Regarding the prism, it has 1 two layers prism and 1 16-facet prism.And it has 10 fixed gobo+white+1 animation gobo . It is widely used in touring concert,  big event, national pageant and so on because of its super and powerful beam.
Yellow River Lighting 250W Moving head beam
This is one of our popular moving head beams, we used the original Philips lamp and adjusted the inner lighting path structure, thus its brightness is even much better than some 380W moving head beams, its beam is very full and sharp, 450000 lux 10meters. The most important thing is its positioning is very accurate and XY movement is very smooth and fast, 1.9 s for pan, 1 s for tilt, it also support RDM, with touch screen, power-con in and power-con out, etc.Illumination diagram
Outdoor 17R 350W/ 371W Waterproof Moving Head BEAM - Yellow River
This is our hot sale 350W/371 W waterproof moving head beam, the IP grade is 55, with 350W /371W Lamp and high-performance waterproof technology. Low consumption and high brightness, energy efficiency, and long life span, combine beam, spot and wash into one, which makes it win the market of the outdoor professional stage.It has 14 colors+white,semi-color effect, electronic positioning. For the gobo , 4 white holes+10 pcs gobo wheels+1 pcs effect gobo wheel with shaking effect. The prism is 1pcs 32- facet prism & 1pcs 6 linear prism+ 1 pcs bi-layer prism+ 1pcs 16- facet prism & 1pcs 6 linear prismThe beam angle is 4/8 degree, pan movement 540 degrees, tilt 270 degrees.It also has high efficient cooling system and intelligent speed control fan, which can make the lifespan of the bulb longer.
Best Quality Yellow River 285W LED Moving Head Wash +Beam with Zoom YR-M1519Q Factory
YR-M1519Q  LED moving wash+beam with zoom(8-50degree) . The power source is equipemnt with 19PCS 15W Osram QUAD led. YR-M1519Q is 5500-6000lux @5m. It has low noise and efficient FAN cooling system ,built-in programs with macro effects. Bi-directional continuous front lens rotation allow the fixture creat more dynamic effects.Yellow River Best Quality Yellow river 285W LED Moving head wash +beam with zoom YR-M1519Q Factory,Our goods are popular in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, Russia.,etc., more than 60 countries and regions.
YR-M4007Q 280W Moving Head Beam and Wash
For market demand we released thisLED Zoom Moving head with the latest technology. Zoom angle:9°-44°,the pixel LED control and overall LED control present more pattens to meet the customer application. Especially the smooth motor was used , it can rotate fast with no noise. sharpy beam shooted out from the ultra led 40W(7 QUAD) bring the audience stunning feeling that never experienced from other mini beams. High efficiency cooling system and Intelligent speed control fan enables the unit working safely. and environmentally friendly. we see it a new increasing point in the bar, club and disco market. 
YR-COB200Z LED Moving head wash
We used Citizen brand LED 200W with a life span of 20000H  and CCT:5600KThis item supports RDM, its Color wheel including 4 colors (R,G,B,Y) + white, semi-color effect +bi-direction flow effect.Its beam angle is 14-60 degrees.And Pan movement 540°/2.1 seconds, tilt movement 270° /1.1 seconds
Best 80W LED Moving head beam Factory Price - Yellow River
The most attractive point of the 80W led moving head beam is the brightness, although the power is 80W, its brightness can reach 72000 lux@5 meters, it is with long lifespan LED source and not to be very hot while working.It has two color wheels, 1 color wheel includes: 11pcs colors + CTO+ 1pc CTB + White which can create semi-color effect, bi-direction flow effect. 1 pcs 6-color wheel which can create a rainbow effect with prism.For the gobo wheels, it has 9 gobos + 2 different size beam holes+ White open +Yellow River Best 80W LED Moving head beam Factory Price - Yellow River,More then fifty kinds of goods have been granted“CE”certification.gobo shake + bi-direction flow effect. The prism is 1 pcs 8 facet prism plus 1pcs 16 facet prism. The beam angle is 0.85 degrees, pan movement is 1.8s, tilt movement is 0.9s, widely used in KTV rooms, bars, ballrooms, or some small events.
High Quality Yellow River Silent Led Panel Light YR-W480M
You may have interest in our newest design mute meeting room light, 0.5W*480pcs ( 240PCS*0.5W Warm White+240PCS*0.5W Pure White ) could be used in all kinds of events.Support RDM, DMX , beam angle is 120 degree.Our mute meeting room light could create a perfect communication environments for you.It could also be used in party/show/performance as it could offer nice brightness.Yellow River HighQuality Yellow river silent led panel light YR-W480M Wholesale-Yellow River lighting and audio limited.,We has seven offices in China and We have more than 2000 global brand agents and project contractors.
Professional Yellow River COB 200W Studio Light YR-ST200W Manufacturers
YR-ST200W led light with COB200W (warm white  ) led light source. LED 200W Studio wash light, with high output, wide beam angel, pure color temperature, and hight CRI and Flicker Free feature. The beam angle is 60° and it has LED display,  and intelligent temperature fan control. The use of LED technology decreases power consumption and increase lamp source lifeYellow River Professional Yellow river COB 200W studio light YR-ST200W manufacturers,Is a stage lighting enterprise which gathers research, production, marketing and after-sales as intergral whole.
YR-BP0406Q 24W Battery powered led par
Battery powered led par with 6pcs 4W LED lamp or 6pcs 6W LED lamp, RGBW 4IN1 or RGBWAUV 6IN1 which can creat very uniform color effect, the beam angel is 25degree, 3.5 hours for full charge, 4 hours runtime for full color on,12 hours runtime for single color on.USB Connector supports wireless control.With compact design, it's very convenient to install under truss and any corner. And this item is noiseless, suitable for any small meeting room,church,BBQ and so on. 

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